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If you’re a soldier who has suffered a combat injury to your teeth and gums, you are on our heart.  You men and women are the bravest people we can think of.  You are true heroes and to honor you here is our promise: We want to restore the smile of every combat injured vet we possibly can for free.  If you are accepted into the program you will pay absolutely nothing for us to restore your smile.



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We donate 100% of net profits on all MINT Gear item to charitable organizations and special causes. In order to make an even meaningful impact in our communities, we’re slashing prices 50% for sixty days to increase revenue. If you need a cool t-shirt, we urge you to check our extraordinary designs and remember by looking good, you’ll be doing good.


Sale: $1,000 each, regularly $1500.00 each

These are  the finest porcelain veneers available, installed by a skilled, highly trained MINT doctor.  Change your life with an an incredible price on an amazing smile.

L O O K  B O O K


Lynette had a painless teeth cleaning.

I have been blessed to find a place that actually cared for my dental health.  The fear that I have had for years of dentists and dental offices in general has been lifted.  I am telling you, I was petrified of going to the dentist, so I wouldn’t go or if I went I would never go back to finish anything.  Coming to this office yesterday and returning  today has totally changed my  perspective. Believe me, for me to come back today to finish my deep cleansing is a miracle. Dr. Patel and Makai made me feel comfortable and made sure I felt no pain at ALL!!!! Really, it is the BEST dental office I have ever visited! The people in the front desk and billing are also excellent! The treatments are very affordable and they really want to give you a reason to smile!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me overcome this fear that had taken over me! I will not let my teeth go to the condition they were thanks to you! I can see a huge difference in my teeth and am sure this will get better as I continue coming here! I even know when to come back I. 4 months and I am sure I will be here, I had never said that before!!!!! The BEST!



Jamietra had a “super” teeth cleaning.

This was by far one of the most cleanest, friendliest offices I have been to. They explained everything I needed to know and they are very kids friendly. The way Judy the hygienist cleaned my teeth was SUPER. She took her time and got the job done. I’m sold forever !



Lorena had a cleaning that was a fantastic experience.

My experience was fantastic! Since you first walk in the ladies at the receptionist greet you with a smile and have a great attitude and of course, looking fabulous. Since it was my first time coming in, I thought I was going to be there for hours. Surprisingly I wasn’t. In about an hour, I got checked in, x-rays done,  routine cleaning (best cleaning ever), got my teeth whitening trays, and got advice on a night guard since I grind my teeth. I have to point this out…. the place was super clean! No dust, residue, smell, hair, nothing. I was amazed at the cleanliness which that’s how its supposed to be everywhere but sadly no, only MINT has met this standard. Of course, during my whole stay I enjoyed the company of an amazing ipad for entertainment while I waited along with my complimentary MINT sunglasses (I still have them). Even better, free whitening gel!  Last but not least…you enjoy a massage in a massage chair while you wait and get treated. Definitely a customer for life!